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Mr PAPINEAU Christian
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Established since1972, the laboratory E.V. ROIG. presents two highly professional ranges of natural and organic cosmetic products. With our ethics based in sustainable development, environmental protection and fair trade, the company formulates, produces and sells a wide range of 100% natural and organic cosmetics under two different labels (Centella and Hydraflore) as well as various private labels as required. All products contain active principles from organic plants selected for their properties and actions on epidermis. The basis of our ethic and pride is the exclusive use of higly concentrated and pure quality natural ingredients including : vegetable oils, essential oils, vegetable extracts and plant distillates, whose purity and efficiency are optimum. All components are of a high quality, owing to the careful selection of plants according to their geographical origin and owing to the rigorous controls carried out throughout their extraction and utilisation. They do not include either colouring, paraffin, parabens, vaseline, lanoline, synthetic perfume or animal origin derivated products. The company was the first in Europe and America to use vegetable extract of Centella asiatica (also called tigers herb) in beauty formulas (up to 60% of centella extracts in some formulas!). Our expertise in the development of phytoaromatic cosmetic products is internationally recognised. We are distributed around the world and have developed products specifically for the Asian market (adapted texture and odours, specific care treatments for mature skin and bust) such as in Japan, Taiwan and Korea. From face care to body care, the CENTELLA, HYDRAFLORE and SERENIBIO ranges are formulated to satisfy women's beauty demands of non aggressive, effective and pleasant products for skin care. CENTELLA, HYDRAFLORE and SERENIBIO offer 100% natural care combined with a high technology for a glowing and true beauty. These Ranges are very complete and include products for the retail market as well as the use by professional beauticians in beauty salons and spas. Training and marketing materials are available for the use of beauticians and salers. Our ranges of cosmetic products includes, facial care with products adapted to women and men such as cleansing milks and lotions, eye make-up remover,peeling and mask creams, day and night creams, specific hydratation, anti-ageing and anti-wrinkles creams and serums, specific products for eyes and lips care and sun care products. Regarding the body, beauty products take care of breast (bust firming and enhancing ), hands and nails, legs and slimming figure. Other products include an exclusive soap formula, more than seven different massage oils, as well as a wide range of bath lotions and shampoos. We participated in various challenges in France and are proud of our award the “prix de l'innovation 2008” (one lifting serum, hydratation mask, shea cream and argan cream- CENTELLA) as well as our second award in the 2009 “Cosmetics of the year” section “skin lotion” with HYDRAFLORE.

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