Cosmebio - The organic cosmetics label since 2002

The ultimate reference for real organic cosmetics

We've been working solidly over the last 16 years to guide consumers towards real organic cosmetics and the most committed brands.

As an association, Cosmebio offers a lot more than a label you can trust to guarantee the content of organic cosmetics. It stands for nearly 400 companies with strong ethical values striving daily to move things forward and make change for the better. When you buy cosmetics with an organic label, you're supporting brands in their commitment to offer products that feel good, bring high-performance results and respect consumers.

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Portrait de Romain Ruth
Romain Ruth
Romain Ruth

If you see a Cosmebio label, then you're looking at a 'clean' cosmetic product, and a lot more!

Beyond the required minimum percentage of naturally sourced and organically produced ingredients, certified organic products are part of a wider ethical approach to cosmetics. Green chemistry, transparent communication, and respect for workers are just some of the criteria set by the Cosmebio label.

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Today, over 400 brands offer cosmetics boasting the Cosmébio label.

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In addition to our members and Board of Directors, Cosmebio relies on a team of 5 staff to carry out our projects, fuelled by their passion for organic cosmetics.

• Nicolas is there to shape the vision of our association
• Véronique is there to maintain the link with our members
• Justine is there to provide expertise on technical issues
• Marine is there as our voice to raise awareness
• Juliette, is there to lead and develop a dynamic, tight-knit members network

Cosmetics carrying the Cosmebio label

Over 10,000 products carry the Cosmebio label to bring you green beauty.


The latest news on organic cosmetics and our current projects: training, events, technical advice and innovations …