Self-Tanning Drops - LABORATOIRES DE BIARRITZ - Face - Body

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The Face & Body Self-Tanning Drops will get you a made-to-measure, natural-looking golden tan.  

Just a few drops mixed into your favorite* skincare product do the trick: a radiantly healthy tanned look for your face and body whenever you desire!

You will get a uniform and progressive tan, without exposure to ultraviolet rays. 

And, with our antioxidant extract Alga-Gorria® present in the Self-Tanning Drop formula, it protects from skin aging. 

A few drops mixed with your face or body care product* will ensure a color that can be adjusted as desired: 1 to 3 drops for a light to medium effect, 4 to 7 drops for more intensity. 

Fragrance-free, the drops mix easily with your cream for easy application and an even result. 

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  • Pharmacies and parapharmacies
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