Huile d'avocat
Oils, macerates and butters
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Huile d'avocat

Oils, macerates and butters
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Organic Avocado oil is efficient against wrinkles and recommended for dry skin and dry hair, which it helps to regrow

To create this oil, we use the fruit's pulp without any chemical treatment. Around 10 kg of avocados are necessary to get 1L of oil.

Thanks to its unsaponifiables, avocado oil is believed to have regenerating and moisturizing properties for the skin. Applied directly on the skin, avocado oil penetrates the skin quickly without making it look oily. Known as an excellent remedy to wrinkles, avocado oil is also recommended for very dry skin. Avocado oil may be used for the most delicate skin areas: eye-contour, neck, and to give more elasticity to hands and feet's skin.



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