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Allo'Nature  /  ALLONATURE
Organic Powder deodorant
Organic Powder deodorant - Allo'Nature - Hygiene

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Allo'Nature  /  ALLONATURE

Organic Powder deodorant

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Sweating is a common concern for both women’s and men’s.

Natural phenomenon that helps regulates our body temperature, trying to stop it is not recommended.

Allo’Nature deodorant limits bacterial development and prevents nasty odours.

Based on Potassium alum known for anti-bacteria’s, anti-inflammatory and healing virtues, Allo-Nature powder deodorant prevent humidity and microorganism development.

Alum: mineral salt naturally astringent, regulate the flow of perspiration without obstruction.

Its antibacterial properties prevent unpleasant odours development.

Non-allergenic, non-irritating, odourless, alcohol-free, this deodorant can be used daily

Luzenac talc is a mineral Stone composed of silicate and magnesium.
Its absorbent, soothing, anti bacterial and non-aggressive property made the ideal complement to Alum powder

• No Alcohol
• No Aluminium chlorohydrate
• No Parabens

Natural formula certified Ecocert and Cosmebio

- Allo Nature tips

Powdering bottle allows an easy application on feet and body. Convenient and easy to carry, not sticky, leaves no trace on clothes.

Distribution network:

  • Specialized shops
  • Distance Selling
  • Beauty shops and Spas

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