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Allo'Nature  /  ALLONATURE
Oriental fluid wax
Oriental fluid wax - Allo'Nature - Hygiene

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Allo'Nature  /  ALLONATURE

Oriental fluid wax

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Allo'Nature Organic Oriental fluid wax is certified Ecocert and labeled Cosmébio, its formulation does not contain petrochemicals resins, which are irritant.

Why choosing Allo’Nature’s Oriental wax ?

The advantages for your custumers :

- No more burns the skin and the venous system of thin skins are respected. To do that put the pot in your wax warmer with a power 100 watts or 150 watts traditional thermostat 1-2 (77-86 ° F).
- The organic cotton strips allow smooth hair removal with 50% pain in less.

- The wax residues on the skin can easily be rinsed with water.
- Leaves the skin very soft, because there are no irritating resins.

The more for you Aesthetician.

The wax residue on the clothes, knife and utensils are easily rinsed with water.

- It is odorless, which helps prevent untimely headaches.
- No need of disinfectant, the lemon contained in the wax acts like a disinfectant.
- The rates of the pot of wax are very beneficial. 35.27 oz size (fit your traditional wax warmer)
-The Organic Oriental fluid wax time of applying is fast as traditional wax.
- No expensive training.
- Can be used like a traditional wax with a spatula.

- WARNING: You need to apply Allo’Nature Organic Oriental wax with an extra flexible spatula which allow to make thin layers
- The wax need to apply making thin layers.
- Very economical pot

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  • Beauty shops and Spas
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