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Allo'Nature  /  ALLONATURE
Organic Resin depilatory wax
Organic Resin depilatory wax - Allo'Nature - Hygiene

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Allo'Nature  /  ALLONATURE

Organic Resin depilatory wax

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Professional organic Resin wax - 800ml

Easy organic Waxing !


Hard with your hairs, soft with your skin ! 

- Impeccable results!

100% Natural pine resin efficient on all kind of hairs. Full sticky adhesion offer a perfect waxing even on hard or shaved hairs, leaving skin perfectly clean after a single application.

- So soft for your skin.
Keep soft skin after waxing! low temperature application permit waxing on sensible skin and fragile venous system. Antiseptic power of organic lemon limits rashes and post-depilatory red bumps.

- Maxi efficiency!
Ideal for all skin type, Allo Nature resin wax can be use on all body parts.


- 100 % Vegetal, natural Formula.
All ingredient com from vegetal production, pine resin, Sunflower oil, organic citrus. They all together unsure a fully efficient wax. Used with Organic cotton strips, you promote a 100% natural treatment.



 - Allo’Nature Recommendation.
Use roll on wax on clean and dry skin. Tips: if the skin in greasy, use Organic cleansing gels before application.

Complete this natural treatment by removing the wax with soft organics cotton strips and apply after waxing body milk Epil Oubli.


Before waxing, use loofah vegetal sponge combined with Aleppo soap to Optimise waxing results.
On wet skin, dry it with AlloNature Alum powder before using any wax.

Recommend a daily application of Body Milk Epil Oubli, to slow hairs regrowth and reduce ingrowths hairs.

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