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Oleo-limestone bioliniment
HygieneSkin rash care
Oleo-limestone Bioliniment - TIDOO - Baby / Children

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TIDOO  /  Natur'Melodia

Oleo-limestone bioliniment

HygieneSkin rash care
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To make every moment with baby unique, opt for Tidoo Care bioliniment, the anti-redness, anti-nappy rash solution which gently cleanses and protects baby's skin.

Often little-known, the Oleo-limestone Bioliniment gently cleanses and leaves a protective film on baby's bottom, thus preventing urine or stools from irritating the skin, especially during the food diversification period when babies’ stools are highly acidic and can damage their thin and fragile skin. So it effectively prevents irritation and nappy rash.

A creamy emulsion of 48% olive oil and a calcium solution, Tidoo Oleo-limestone Bioliniment gently cleanses and protects the skin. Ideal for use on baby's bottom.

> 48% organic olive oil

In ancient times, olive oil was the basis for all cosmetic practices. The Egyptians rubbed their bodies with fragrant oils after bathing; the Greeks also used it at the stadium to relax the muscles before exercise. Today, olive oil is used all over the world, from India, where it is used for Ayurvedic massages, to Brazil, where it nourishes the skin after a bath!Certified organic olive oil makes up around 50% of the total ingredients, making it unique on the market. This quality oil is not mixed with any other less valuable oils (highly allergenic peanut oil or coconut oil): the pure oil gives the emulsion its natural yellow colour.As the oil and calcium solution separates naturally, it is advisable to shake the bottle before use to obtain an even emulsion.

> Hypoallergenic, Tested under paediatric supervision

A study carried out by the Claim (Clinical Evaluation of Skin Treatment Products) Institute among a panel of 20 babies of both sexes, from 7 months to 5 years old, showed that Tidoo Oleo-limestone Bioliniment rebuilds baby’s skin barrier while preventing nappy rash. 95% of tester parents recommended Tidoo Oleo-limestone Liniment for its texture, scent, effectiveness and beneficial effect on baby’s skin.

Tidoo Oleo-limestone Liniment is allergen-free.

A safety test jointly conducted by the Institut Farcodem among a panel of 50 testers also showed that Tidoo Oleo-limestone Liniment does not cause irritation.

Made in France.


Aqua, Olea Europaea (Olive Fruit) Oil*, Glyceryl Stearate, Calcium Hydroxide
* Ingrédients issus de l’agriculture biologique

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