Doux change liniment - neobulle
neobulle  /  ATELIER BULLE
Doux change liniment
Doux Change liniment - neobulle - Baby / Children

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neobulle  /  ATELIER BULLE

Doux change liniment

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A natural and healthy all-in-one protection and changing liniment :
Cleanses, protects and repairs baby's bottom.
Concentrated formula, a few drops are enough - one bottle goes a long way!

Use :
wipe baby's bottom with a few drops of liniment. Do not rinse.
Use to treat rashes: apply a think layer before putting on new diaper.
Can be used on sore skin by baby and all family members. Excellent makeup remover.

Distribution network:

  • Specialized shops
  • Pharmacies and parapharmacies
  • Distance Selling

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