Karawan authentic  /  Karawan authentic
Potassium Alum stone
Potassium Alum stone - Karawan authentic - Hygiene

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Karawan authentic  /  Karawan authentic

Potassium Alum stone

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Potassium Alum stone stick 120g certified Cosmos Natural by Ecocert 

Potassium alum is made of potassium mineral salts extracted from natural quarries. It neutralises perspiration odours, softens small cuts, especially after depilation and soothes razor burn. Restrict use to small areas, do not apply to the entire shaved or depilated area. 

Potassium Alum stone bulk 70g Certified Cosmos Natural by Ecocert

Karawan Alum stone is guaranteed 100% natural according to the COSMOS standard. It is hand-cut from the purest part of the mineral. It is aluminium chlorohydrate and ammonium free. It does not irritate, does not stick, does not leave traces on clothes.

Alum stone powder talc is very easy to use. Apply directly to the body and feet. Ideal for walkers, it comes in the form of a salt shaker that allows you to sprinkle the Alum stone in your shoes and thus avoid sweating. 

Made in Panama


Potassium Alum

COSMOS NATURAL certifié par Ecocert Greenlife selon le réferentel COSMOS

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