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PATYKA is a Parisian beauty brand which embodies a singular vision of women. Through its cares, PATYKA praises them for taking care of their beauty every day.  These cares are the result of a unique savoir-faire, which offer a triple excellence: refinement, efficacy and ethics.

To conceive them, PATYKA experts travel the world in search of plants with exceptional virtues, of forgotten formulas and of beauty secrets jealously guarded. Back in Paris, they bring the latest advances in biotechnology, into a subtle blend of tradition and modernity that allows women to sublimate their beauty.

However PATYKA would not be PATYKA without its committed nature. All PATYKA cares meet strict ethical specifications. All the formulas are made of natural ingredients and certified organic.

PATYKA invites all the elegant women of the world, desirous to reveal their healthy and radiant beauty to an authentic experience of Beauté Remarquable.



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