New Study – Organic Cosmetics Are Effective!

At the beginning of the 2000s, organic cosmeticswere often considered to be ineffective, less pleasant, and with unsuitable scents. Unfortunately, today, we can still see that this image persists: there are still many negative prejudices surrounding organic cosmetics. But are these prejudices warranted? The answer is no!


efficacité anti-age et hydratation cosmétique bio

Over the years, organic cosmetic brands have benefited from numerous innovations through the evolution of green chemistry, allowing them to significantly improve their formulas and even innovate. Yes, organic cosmetics are no longer the same and have evolved greatly.

In this article, we reveal the results of a study conducted in December 2023 aiming to compare two anti-aging creams on several performance aspects: hydration and anti-wrinkle effectiveness.


Goal of this cosmetics effectiveness study:

Through this study, we aimed to demonstrate that organic cosmetic brands can offer effective products that are comparable to non-organic brands. For this purpose, we focused on the best-selling anti-aging skincare products, both organic and non-organic, sold in pharmacies, where effectiveness is particularly sought after.

Why anti-aging products?

Anti-aging products have a very high consumer expectation in terms of effectiveness. On top of that, we often see claims about the performance of these products, which is a quite complex topic in itself. That's why we wrote an article dedicated to the subject. You can find it here ➡.


Comparison methods for this cosmetics efficacy study

In this study, we entrusted the different products to a laboratory specialized in cosmetic effectiveness testing.

A total of three tests were conducted:

1 - Hydrating effectiveness

This effectiveness is measured by Corneometry. It is an instrumental test that aims to determine the hydration level of the superficial layers of the epidermis after the application of the product.

2 - Anti-wrinkle effectiveness, instrumental measurement

This effectiveness evaluates the improvement of parameters related to wrinkles such as the number of wrinkles, the length of wrinkles, etc. It is measured visually and instrumentally on a facial area (frown lines, crow's feet, etc.) after application by testers over a given period.

3 - Consumer satisfaction test

A panel of volunteers tests the product under normal conditions (as indicated in the instructions for use) over a given period of time (determined by the brand). Their satisfaction is evaluated using a self-assessment questionnaire at the beginning and end of the period.

The questionnaire usually consists of closed-ended questions and may include:

  • The effectiveness of the product.
  • General appreciation for the use of the product (convenience, ease of application, etc).
  • The first impression the product may have given.
  • Sensorial aspects.
  • etc.


rides pattes d'oie cosmétique efficace

Results of this cosmetic effectiveness study

Here are the results of the various tests on the products of interest in the study:


1 - Hydrating effectiveness

Both tested products have claims related to hydration.

To test the hydrating effectiveness of the organic lotion and the non-organic lotion, the laboratory conducted a Corneometry measurement after applying each product on the forearms of 11 women. The test was conducted blindly. Corneometry measurements were taken at T0 (on bare skin, without application of the tested products), and then at T+8 hours (8 hours after application of the tested products).

The test results confirm the hydrating power of these products for at least 8 hours. Moreover, the hydration levels are comparable:

  • +13% hydration after 8 hours for the organic cream
  • +13.5% hydration after 8 hours for the non-organic cream.


2 - Anti-wrinkle effectiveness

Both tested products have claims related to anti-wrinkle effectiveness.

To test the anti-wrinkle effectiveness of the organic lotion and the non-organic lotion, the laboratory conducted wrinkle measurements using a specific measuring device.

The purpose of the test was to define the direct influence of the cosmetic products on reducing the length and depth of wrinkles, evaluating the number of wrinkles, volume, and surface area of wrinkles in the defined measurement area. The instrumental study was conducted on a panel of 21 subjects for each of the lotions.

Measurements were taken in the area of the famous "crow's feet" wrinkles around the eye:

  • Before application of the product (Day 0).
  • After 56 days (Day 56) of regular use.


instrumental test effectiveness study

The tests conducted demonstrated anti-wrinkle effectiveness on various parameters for both anti-wrinkle lotions.


3 - Perception of effectiveness analyzed through user tests

The satisfaction of volunteers testing the products is evaluated using a self-assessment questionnaire under normal conditions of use.

For 56 days, a panel of 21 volunteers tested the organic anti-wrinkle lotion according to its instructions for use. Another panel of 21 volunteers did the same with the non-organic anti-wrinkle lotion.

At the beginning and end of the test period, the volunteers filled out a questionnaire about the tested products, focusing on the perception of effectiveness and sensorial experience.

satisfaction test effectiveness study

As you can see, both products are very well appreciated by consumers, with the organic product even being more appreciated.

There's no reason to doubt the effectiveness of organic cosmetics anymore!


What are our takeaways from this cosmetic effectiveness study:

An organic cosmetic can be as effective as a non-organic one! And it does so while having a lot less ingredient choice, seeing as organic cosmetics don't use innovations coming from the petrochemical industry.

Rather than comparing organic and non-organic cosmetics based on their effectiveness, it's better to compare other factors like their composition, traceability, ethical commitments, transparency, and more.

Trust the Cosmébio labelfor effective cosmetics highly appreciated by consumers! 🌿💪


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