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Le Got
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We are a french company with a long family tradition of mining and marketing minerals.

We focus our efforts on developing a 100% natural product with unique properties, the Argile du Périgord which is a bentonite clay. Owners of our own career in Dordogne (France) we completely master the sector, from extraction to packaging.

We offer a specific range of bentonite clay, Cosmos Approved, dedicated especially to the manufacture of natural and effective cosmetics.

Our ingredients

  • Argile Du Périgord

    L'Argile du Périgord is a bentonite clay whose particular composition (= 75% smectite, 15% illite and 10% kaolinite) gives it unique properties. It presents a very complete range of actions that allows the development of very varied and high-quality cosmetic products (skincare, hair care, etc.).

The activities of the member

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