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Mrs ELIA-NAJJAR Catherine
315 rue Georges Charpak


Situated in Lyon, the French company NAJJAR Ltd. has been operating for over 10 years as natural cosmetics manufacturer and distributor. We distribute body care products essentially based on olive and bay laurel oils underthe brand name Najel, in particular the traditional Aleppo soap.NAJJAR Ltd. produces its products based on natural assets coming from an environment-friendly organic farming in Aleppo, situated in Northern Syria.Using Najel cosmetics you’ll find all the East nature richness.
For over 3.000 years, from the end of November to the end of February, the world’s first solid soap production has been repeated, according to a time-honoured procedure. For over 4 generations, inheriting the original recipe from father to son, the soap Masters “have cooked” Najel Aleppo soaps.Najel Aleppo soap is an excellent purifier just as it’s always very gentle for the skin. Olive oil gives its nourishing qualities while bay laurel oil is highly regarded as an antiseptic and also provides its fresh perfume to the soap. The higher the part of bay laurel oil, the gentler the Aleppo soap is on the skin, particularly on dry, sensitive and irritated skins.
In addition to traditional Aleppo soaps and Aleppo scented soaps perfumed with rose, jasmine, honey…, NAJJAR Ltd. offers a wide range of naturals body cares as Aleppo liquid soap, Aleppo soap shower gel and shampoos. Our product line also contains Dead Sea skin cares (bath salts, mineral mud and exfoliating soap), Red clay body cares as well as the matchless Alum stone.The range is enriched by body oils like black cumin oil, cactus seed oil, Argan oil from Marocco as well as body, Shea butter and liquid sugar wax for natural hair removal.Recently, NAJJAR Ltd. has completed Najel range with Aleppo soap ecological detergents like powder or liquid detergents and stain removal Aleppo soap.At last but not least Najel proposes natural beauty accessories like pumice stones, exfoliating and massage glovesas well as beautiful hand-made mosaic boxes.

N.B: NAJJAR Ltd.'s organic Aleppo soaps are certified by Ecocert Greenlife.

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