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Mrs PERROT Katell


TOOFRUIT, the first dermatological organic hygiene and care brand for kids who are no longer babies but not yet teenagers, the 6 to 12 years olds. Yummy and fruity formulas, adapted to their skin, in educational packagings so taking care of your skin becomes easy.

At the age where children are still receptive, it is more important to teach him the right gestures of hygiene and care that he will keep his whole life.

But children don't have the same needs than adults. We have decided to give our products yummy formulas developped with natural fruit waters and fragrances. With fun and pleasant textures and scents to help them acquire the right gestures.

With TOOFRUIT, the bathroom won't be a chore anymore ! Children love using our products every day.

A large range of 20 hygiene and care references, for the face, body and hair.

All of TOOFRUIT products are:

  *   Made in France,

  *   Organic, certified by Ecocert,

  *   Formulated at least with 99% natural ingredients,

  *   Tested on sensitive skin and under dermatological control,

  *   Cruelty free,

  *   Recyclable packaging and without overwrap.


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