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Mr RUTH Romain
ZA La Massane - 261 rue des Bauxites


Every essence has its virtue, and every flower has a soul.

Those who know how to look, and who know how to respect Nature’s cycles and people’s labour, find the true treasures that lie at the heart of all plants, namely the essential oils.

Since its creation in Provence, a land predisposed to colour and scents, Florame has mastered the marvels of that ancestral know-how called distillation; just a little steamed water to release the quintessence of the plant. Light, precious and fragrant, for over twenty years Florame has selected the loveliest essential oils in the whole world.

All of Florame’s organic essential oils carry the “from organic agriculture” guarantee and undergo the strictest tests to guarantee optimum quality.

Whether in pure form or blended in exclusive compounds, Florame makes the most of the virtues of organic essential oils to create products that restore the natural harmony of the body and mind.

Rediscover the strong yet fragile link that units us with Nature.


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