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Aloe Dew 76%

Floral water

This  product is not just a mineral water spray!It is made up mainly of Aloe vera, a plant which can survive desert conditions, thanks to its exceptional capacity for retaining water in its fleshy pulp. Aloe vera is therefore particularly indicated for longer-lasting hydration than with a water spray. Your skin will be firmer and wrinkles reduced.

Active Ingredients: This Organic & Fair Trade “Aloe Dew” contains more than 76% LIVE* organic Aloe vera juice and 20% organic rose water.
*Pulp extracted from the fresh leaf, not heated or made from powder.

Use: To moisturize, refresh, and rejuvenate the face. Use as often as you like.


*Aloe Barbadensis leaf extract, *Rosa Damascena flower water, glycerin, aqua, propanediol, salix alba bark extract, potassium hydroxide, ascorbic acid, phytic acid, citronellol, geraniol.
*ingrédients issus de l'agriculture biologique.

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