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Marine-inspired and sweet, Sel de Mer is a certified organic, unisex and vegan eau de parfum.

A lively burst of citrusy blood orange is accompanied by the green freshness of petitgrain and blackcurrent bud. The fruity melon accord then gives way to distinctive notes of sea water, before revealing the heady sweetness of orange blossom. Finally, cedarwood brings to mind vivid and unforgettable memories of summer.


top notes /
the first encounter

  • blood orange EO (Italy)
  • petitgrain EO (Paraguay)
  • blackcurrant bud (Burgundy)
  • melon accord

heart notes /
the present moment

  • oceanic salicylate
  • orange blossom (Tunisia)
  • rose accord

base notes /
the faithful memory

  • cedar EO (Texas)

Distribution network:

  • Distance Selling
  • Beauty shops and Spas
  • Perfumeries

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