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Pollution shield mask
Pollution Shield Mask - Les Poulettes - Face

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Pollution shield mask

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The formula combines the anti-pollution action of the Moringa seeds with the soothing properties of Aloe Vera and the hydration efficacy of glycerin.

Les Poulettes have chosen the Moringa seed extract also called tree of life and known to act a true anti-pollution shield, as the star ingredient for this detox formula developed for city dwellers. The mask acts to limit the adherence of pollution particles onto the surface of the skin, which suffocate it and make it look dull.
It also forms a protective bio-film against environmental aggressions while supporting the preservation of the skin’s moisture levels.
Les stressed, the skin can breathe again. Purified and protected from toxins and impurities, it looks revitalized and fresh.
You are ready to go cycling in the streets of Paris!

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