Sun powder - Couleur Caramel
Sun powder - Couleur Caramel - Makeup

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Sun powder - 6,5g

4 shades.


Micronised powder. A subtle shimmery finish and a guaranteed healthy glow


Purpose: Matifies, evens out and brings a touch of light to the complexion. Delivers a silky-smooth finish with a subtle shimmer, depending on the light.

How to apply: For perfect distribution and coverage, use the Powder Brush on the entire face. Be careful to delicately sweep the brush across the powder to avoid collecting too much product. Collect small amounts of product on the brush, apply, then repeat this gesture several times for a more natural-looking result. This fabulous product's subtly shimmering finish makes it suitable for both day and evening looks. As it captures the light, it is especially effective in revitalising tired complexions.

Advantages: Illuminates the complexion / Lightweight texture / Silky-smooth, shimmery finish / Captures light


Active ingredients:

Organic grapeseed oil (Vitis vinifera): rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin E and polyphenols to protect the skin.

Organic sunflower seed oil (Helianthus annuus): rich in essential fatty acids (omega 6), it moisturises* and regenerates.

Organic soya oil (Glycine soja): filmogenic and anti-ageing properties; moisturises* and regenerates.

Olive-derived oil (Squalane): moisturises*, leaving the skin supple and silky-smooth.

Organic shea butter (Butyrospermum parkii): rich in natural vitamin A, E and F, it moisturises*, revitalises and regenerates the skin.

Organic apricot powder (Prunus armeniaca): delivers softness and a healthy glow while leaving the skin silky-smooth.


* moisturises the upper layers of the epidermis.
Organic: ingredient from organic farming

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  • Specialized shops
  • Beauty shops and Spas

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