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ESTIME & SENS IS A FRENCH CERTIFIED ORGANIC COSMETICS BRAND SOLD EXCLUSIVELY IN SPAS AND BEAUTYSALONS.Because we believe that self-esteem and self-confidence - which are vital for accomplishing great things in one’s life - come from theimage that one has of oneself, and the care one takes of oneself ;Because we believe that it is possible to sell high-quality products at a reasonable and fair price, thereby making safe beauty andwell-being accessible to anyone ;Because we are completely convinced of the virtues of organic products, both in terms of the quality of our environment and for our health ;Because we are totally convinced that they produce results and a real benefit for their users;Because we believe that it is possible to reconcile commercial development and ethics; business and respect for our distributors andconsumers ;We created estime & sens a full organic skincare range for face and body.



Our product research and development is always carried out according to the following principles :Each product has a main active ingredient, carefully selected and measured to provide a targeted solution to a skin problem and keep itspromise.Each product is developed to be coherent with the other products in the range, in order to create synergies with the active ingredients andoptimize their results on the skin.The composition, texture and fragrance of each product are developed with no concessions, in order to fully satisfy all our users’ expectationsof cosmetics: visible results on the skin as well as the pleasure derived when using the product.


estime & sens only produces organic cosmetics, the only ones capable of providing all the guarantees of quality and safety for completepeace of mind. All our products are certified by ECOCERT and have the COSMEBIO label.All our products are developed and made in France.All our products are stringently tested.


Texture, fragrance, packaging... using any of our products should be a singular sensory experience, making skincare - in a salon or at home- a ritual of relaxation and pleasure.


Since the very beginning, estime & sens has chosen to distribute its products through salons and spas with trained beauticians in orderto guarantee that its users get helpful, personalised advice.estime & sens is constantly guided by a common sense approach to cosmetics, and is committed, through its advice and products, toproviding its users with the expected results, with no false promises or overconsumption.Our products are voluntarily accessible in order to allow as many women as possible to take care of themselves, and to treat themselveswith high-quality, safe and effective cosmetics. Furthermore, as all our products have complementary active ingredients, it is vital that theirprices allow our users to include several of them in their skincare routines.estime & sens advises its retailers and helps them to grow their business, with no obligation or constraints.



Nos produits labellisés Cosmébio