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Sunstar Europe SA (so called SESA) is a member of the Sunstar Group, a company which was founded in 1932 in Japan.

Sunstar Group operates in two business sectors: the ‘Consumer Business’ sector, which includes Oral Care, Beauty care and Health Care, and the ‘Industrial Business’, which includes as its main businesses the Chemical business and the Motorcycle business.


  1. The ‘Consumer Business’ engages in the production, sale and distribution of a wide range of Oral Hygiene products such as toothbrushes, toothpastes, mouthrinses and dental flossers, Beauty products such as shampoos and face-creams and Health products such as health-drinks and snacks.


  1. The ‘Industrial Business’ engages in the production, sale and distribution of various Chemical materials such as adhesives and sealants for automobiles and electronics or for construction, as well as Motorcycle parts such as brake disks and sprockets. 


Sunstar Europe SA is involved mainly in the Oral care business selling products under its main brand “GUM”.

It is the European and Middle East (EMEA) headquarters of the group which holds seven local European sales entities to whom it supplies finished goods.

Sunstar Europe SA also sells the Sunstar products directly to third-party distributors in several European and non-European countries.

Sunstar Europe SA 's main role is to support its sales entities and Sunstar Suisse SA (world headquarters) with regional product development and marketing strategy; it also provides administration support to its affiliates.

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