Le Secret Naturel


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Research and development
665 Avenue Théodore Aubanel


Le Secret Naturel is creator and manufacturer of organic care products and cosmetics.

Our head office is based in Provence, near Avignon.

In accordance with our commitments in the field of Organic or Organic & fair, our Research & Development Department creates continuously new compositions by taking care to use the active ingredients and the natural benefits of plants in order to offer our customers a range of innovative products.

We focus on the quality of our products by a careful selection of the raw materials we use. Our strength lies in the expertise of our production teams and in the flexibility of our R&D, Marketing & Sales, Export and Administrative departments.

All our products are certified Organic or Organic & fair. We offer a wide range of original products recalling the scents of Provence or natural resources from other parts of the world. Our products are simple and pleasant to use.

Nos produits labellisés Cosmébio