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Bernard Chevilliat and his brother, both lovers of unspoilt, open countryside, came to the Ardèche in 1977 after studying Biology. They set up in an isolated farm in the middle of the countryside and migrant beekeeping soon became their main activity, with over five hundred hives. They were soon joined by Nûriël, Bernard’s wife, and in 1983 they diversified, founding MELVITA and developing their first cosmetic range based on products from the hive. Their first product was hexagonal soap, now a flagship product. Shampoos, bath products, milks and creams made with natural ingredients, floral waters and plant oils soon followed and the new company, which had started out with only 4 employees, grew steadily and now has over 250 employees. MELVITA was in at the beginning of the trend towards natural, organic products and was one of the first companies to obtain the ECOCERT certificate for organic products in 2002. Located deep in the countryside near the Ardèche Gorges (France), Melvita was originally a bee farm and has since managed to preserve the quality of its environment. Its production site in Lagorce now covers over 2 hectares. It blends well into the surrounding countryside and has an original effluent treatment system. In 2009, an ambitious eco-construction project will double its size and capacity: proof that, even on an industrial scale, we can still work together to look after the planet. We gather the purest of natural and organic ingredients, with care. - We favour local French organic suppliers and fair trade. - We guarantee no use of non-biodegradable or health endangering ingredients (paraffins, silicons, parabens, formaldehydes and ethoxyled products). - We are committed to sustainable palm oil and since 2011, we have been a member of the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil). We lighten our load on the planet: minimizing water, air, energy, carbon emissions, waste and packaging (ISO 14001). - We optimize our product packaging to favour recyclable and recycled materials. - We act to protect nature and bees through our foundation.

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