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 The first Certified Organic Cosmetics Brand from the Indian Ocean - La Réunion french overseas island

 Cilaos is the first certified organic product range to include water from thermal spring, still used for therapeutic purposes, in its formulation.

 After a two-year study and development programme, the Octans Company launched the CILAOS cosmetic range in June 2008. Formulated from a unique combination of plant-based active substances of tropical origin and Cilaos thermal water, this first range of facial skin care products is brimming with minerals and trace elements naturally present in this water.

This range satisfies the basic requirements of all skin types, even the most sensitive of skin.  Purify, tone, moisturise, protect and regenerate!

Reunion Island: an inexhaustible source of beauty

La Réunion is a french overseas territory. Since 2010, cirque of cilaos is considered is classified as world heritage by the unesco.

The unique features of the Reunion Island – its varied climate and blend of cultures – probably account for its incredible biodiversity and the traditional use of plants that has developed due to the island’s cosmopolitan population originating from Europe, Africa, India and even China.

We wanted to share this world of natural riches and know-how to promote well being and beauty through the Cilaos brand name.

 A natural approach: more than a trend – a necessity

The cosmetic world is not exempt from the challenges facing consumer habits and development strategies. But, in addition to the need to adopt a more environmentally friendly consumer approach, we also need to use effective natural products that are often gentler on the skin.

Healthy and environmentally friendly, it goes without saying that organic cosmetics will win over new consumers on a daily basis.

 When cosmetics combine pleasure, efficacy and ethics.

Cosmetics is, first and foremost, a pleasurable skin care experience. But because well being and beauty seem to us to be inextricably linked and we believe that we can now defend certain values without sacrificing quality, Cilaos:

-       Includes some fair trade ingredients in its formulations,

-       Uses recyclable materials and strives to find suppliers who comply with the latest environmental standards,

-       Works on reducing the need for secondary packaging

 Located right at the heart of a unique ecosystem, our laboratories wanted to use “the best that Mother Nature, in all her glory, has to offer” to promote beauty.

The CILAOS skin care range draws its wealth from the active substances found in:

-       Water enriched with minerals and trace elements

-       Tropical plants renowned for their beneficial properties.

 The development of the first skin care product range that we are marketing has been fuelled by our desire to provide a simple, organic solution to the five basic requirements of our skin:

-       Purity,

-       Hydration,

-       Protection,

-       Nutrition

-       And repair.

 In addition to efficacy, we wanted our formulations to be prized for their fresh, light textures, which are especially sought after.

CILAOS is an innovative range of organic skincare products developed for the most sensitive of skins. Its unique formulas contain oli-elements and essential elements from the heart of Cilaos thermal springs in the Indian Ocean, as well as natural plants extracts choosen for their beneficial properties and gentleness.

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