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Mr PAGNY Florent
Mrs PAGNY Azucena
46 rue lambin
78490 Montfort L'Amaury


Rosazucena is an organic cosmetic care brand created by Azucena P. from musk rose of Patagonia, the Rosa Mosqueta. Sensitive since forever  to the nature and fascinated by its effects regarding beauty, Azucena conceived this brand to share the benefactions of the Rosa Mosqueta with all the women. Because this plant which grows to the wild state is endowed with prodigious virtues.

Once reached maturity naturally, fruits of the Rosa Mosqueta of Patagonia are handpicked before being transformed in a craft way with a requirement comparable to the one which accompanies the elaboration of a Grand Cru.

Rosazucena Cosmetics composes a pallet of cares of exception in the scientifically proved efficiency. Regenerative, moisturizing, healing and antioxidyzing, they constitute invaluable allies to restore the skin and fight against the effects of aging.

Conceived by a woman for the women, Rosazucena is the most natural cosmetic answer for the pure beauty desires.



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