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Mr DIOTEL Rodolphe
56000 VANNES


Rodolphe&Co, is a great professional and human adventure driven by Rodolphe Diotel, french hair colorist.

Driven by his desire to "make the most beautiful women in the light of their unique personality," Rodolphe&Co brand. is characterized by the strong beauty treatment.
We designed this line of high-quality professional with the best natural and organic active ingredients of the market including prestigious oils and extracts with strong ethics, respect for our environment and the enhancement of our region, Brittany (West of France).
Rodolphe & Co is also distinguished by emphasizing  essential hair care and colours products. They contain carefully selected assets that comply gentle balance of your hair and your scalp for a course lasting results.

"The real quality is through the most natural products possible, effective and rebalancing."

Rodolphe DIOTEL

CEO/ Direction Générale

Nos produits labellisés Cosmébio