Bernard Cosmetics


Address and contact

Mr MARCEAU Jean-Louis
Mrs BERNARD Claude
Mr CORBE Olivier
1 avenue de la Vertonne
44120 VERTOU


Bernard Cosmetics develops and distributes toilet products : soaps, shower gels, liquid soaps, shampoos, creams and body oils...

Bernard Cosmetics offers, with thes brands MA PROVENCE and SECRETS DE PROVENCE, almost near to nature products  : dye-free, no preservative, not tested on animals.

- 2010 innivation : the solid shampoo, on a 100% natural products basis. Just the active ingredients of a shampoo and vegetable oils and natural clays. An ecological and as well economical innovation !

- 2012 innovation : dermatological bar without soap (neutral pH) on a 100% natural vegetable oils basis.

- 2014 innovation : shaving bars, for men or for women, on a 100% natural vegetable basis. Easy to use, directly on well wet skin for a really soft shaving.

- 2015 innovation : shampoo powder, on a 100% natural basis, for using when outside of home. In one-use little packs, under water as a classic shampoo.


Nos produits labellisés Cosmébio