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Our objective

The absence of specific regulations for organic cosmetics and the growing number of brands advertising themselves as 'green cosmetics’ eventually raised the question of how to implement ethical guidelines capable of laying the foundation of true ecological values for supporting the development of organic farming and guaranteeing cosmetics are safe for consumers and eco-friendly.

In order to meet this need, ten pioneering companies drew up the initial draft of the ‘Ecological and Organic Cosmetics’ Charter.


Published in October 2001, this Charter aims to determine the basic principles underlying the technical and ethical standards used to provide consumers with the best guarantee of quality.

More popular than ever and in compliance with general regulations, organic cosmetics represent a major market today. They reflect the changing values of consumers who are looking for natural products that are safe and obey to strict and transparent manufacturing standards.

Our principles

The COSMEBIO® Charter intends to be simple and precise, and promote genuine eco-responsible values in connection with organic farming for the sake of preserving our planet and our health.

The basic principles of the Charter are as follows:

femme au bain
  • Provide finished products made with natural or naturally-derived ingredients mainly produced by organic farming.
  • Exclude raw materials and preservatives whose use is controversial in terms of safety and ecological values.
  • Guarantee pollution-free processing and manufacturing.
  • Guarantee products are subject to strict quality control by an independent certification body based on established specifications.
  • Inform consumers in a clear and objective way.

At present, two standards have been approved by the COSMEBIO® Charter and have been registered with the Ministry of Industry:

  • the Ecocert standards published in the Journal Officiel in April 2003
  • the Qualité France standards published in the Journal Officiel in July 2004

Companies who wish to use the COSMEBIO® label – after having registered as a member of the association – can work with either of these two accredited organizations in order to carry out certification of their products. If companies do not follow this procedure, COSMEBIO® reserves the right to file a complaint with the DGCCRF (Direction Générale de la Concurrence, de la Consommation, et de la Répression des Fraudes)* or proceed to prosecution.

Dynamic quality management

Specifications are subject to change as they are constantly updated and improved as research progresses and technological means and global regulations evolve. Within this context, national specifications are updated in order to integrate new European specifications set by the COSMOS standards.