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It all began when Lilly, the second child of Alpaderm's founders, was born. Starting when she was just a few months old, she was plagued with severe atopic dermatitis. Pediatricians prescribed strong doses of cortisone cream to fight against the incessant burning sensations and to calm her suffering.

Given the difficulty of administering the most common skin treatments on Lilly, her parents conducted meticulous research to find possible causes for their child's eczema. They were able to rule out allergens in both her food and environment. They were also dismayed to discover an abundance of synthetic chemical products in the most frequently-used treatments, particularly in products used for infants.

With a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Paris, and a biology degree from the University of California, Berkeley (the heart of the ecology movement), France BOURELY has always been fascinated by the power of plants and essential oils. With her qualifications, it was only logical for her to decide to make a soothing moisturising cream for her daughter, using an association of the ultimate all-organic ingredients that nature has to offer. France patiently conducted extensive research in every possible scientific database in order to develop her formulas, both seeking the traditional properties of each ingredient and making sure that they were as non-allergenic as possible.

After a long gestation period, Alpaderm was born from its founders' desire to protect the quality and gentleness of cleaning fragile skin on a daily basis, and from their wish to share this discovery with other parents.


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