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Containing red and brown algae extracts

ref. 8620

 * Properties :

Shave Gel is specially formulated to smooth and condition the skin for shaving and reducing razor burn and rash.A soothing care delivered by a soft and dense foam. High skin tolerance is ensured by the selection of vegetal non-anionic foaming agents.Red lichen extract contains sulphated polysaccharides with anti-inflammation effect. Ginseng extract tones.Aloe vera hydrates and reduces skin redness during shaving. Shave Gel has a smoothing texture which eases razor glide and prevents irritation.  It gives a feeling of softness once applied. Skin is refreshed, soft, totally soothed.

 * How to use :

Apply Shave Gel on skin and lather with a shaving brush.

Thoroughly rinse after shaving.



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