Perfumed liquid soap - Solibio
Solibio  /  Solibio
Perfumed liquid soap
Perfumed liquid soap - Solibio - Hygiene

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Solibio  /  Solibio

Perfumed liquid soap

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The Soap of Solignac is intended for a daily use. It is guaranteed without endocrine disruptors, palm oil and coconut oil and its by-products. Thanks to its power light surfactant, this soap respects your environment.

This liquid soap exists in 5 different flavors: 

  • Bouquet of spices
  • Criste marinates
  • Lavender
  • Small grain
  • Ylang

Distribution network:

  • Distance Selling
  • Pharmacies and parapharmacies
  • Specialized shops

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