Exfoliating body scrub - NOMINOË
Exfoliating body scrub
Exfoliating body scrub - NOMINOË - Body

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Exfoliating body scrub

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A gentle exfoliant that eliminates skin impurities and works wonders on dry or damp skin. With beeswax, sesame oil, organic sugar and strawberry seeds.
The strawberry seeds (from the strawberry’s skin) and small sugar granules work together to create the scrub’s unique and extraordinary exfoliating power.
The beeswax contains healing and anti-inflammatory properties, leaving a soothing and protective balm on the skin. Together with sesame oil, the beeswax softens and promotes skin elasticity.

150ml jar

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  • Specialized shops
  • Beauty shops and Spas
  • Pharmacies and parapharmacies
  • Distance Selling

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