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Baobab Oil  - Organic / BDIH


100 ml - Organic Virgin Oil extracted from first cold pressing

The Baobab is native to Africa and Madagascar; it is the symbol of Senegal. This is a mythical tree due to the breadth of its trunk (up to 12m in diameter), its lifespan (estimated at 3,000 years) and its remarkable ability to withstand drought. Its name is derived from the Arabic ‘bu hibab’ which means ‘fruit with many seeds’. These seeds, once pressed, produce a rare and precious oil. This oil is used for its anti-allergy and anti-inflammatory properties in traditional Senegalese medicine.

Properties: Baobab Oil is rich in essential fatty acids, principally linoleic and oleic acid. It also contains oligoelements. This high fatty acid content gives it numerous properties.
Moisturising and softening, it is particularly beneficial for sensitive, dry, chapped and cracked skin.
Nourishing and regenerative, it restores skin suppleness and prevents skin aging, slowing down the appearance of wrinkles. It is recommended for use during pregnancy to improve skin elasticity and avoid stretch marks.
Soothing, anti-oxidising and healing, it is particularly effective on burns and sunburn.
It is used in the form of massage oil to revitalise skin and soothe muscle spasms and aches. This oil is known for being easy to rub in and for being particularly soft to the touch due to its emollient properties.
It is also recommended for lifeless, frizzy, dry, damaged and brittle hair.

logo-ABio.jpgINCI composition: Adansonia digitata oil
Ingredients are 100% natural in origin and 100% organically-farmed
PAO = 6 months / Lifetime (expiration) = 2 years

Controlled manufacturing process. Features certified by Bureau Veritas Certification 92046 - Paris La Defense, according to the reference I-305

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  • Specialized shops
  • Beauty shops and Spas
  • Pharmacies and parapharmacies
  • Distance Selling

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