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Avocado Oil  - Organic / BDIH

100 ml - Organic Virgin Oil obtained through grinding, mixing the pulp, extraction using a centrifugal press and decanting at 15°C

Well before the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors, the Amerindians and Aztecs of South and Central American commonly used the flesh of the avocado tree fruit in their food and to protect their skin against parching winds. They applied it to their hair to encourage its growth. They considered the flesh of the fruit to be an effective sexual stimulant and prepared salve recipes to ward off old age.

Properties: With its comprehensive A, B, C, D, E, H, K and PP vitamin content , Avocado Oil combats ageing. Its regenerative and restructuring action on the skin makes it a very effective rehydrating agent. It is excellent as an anti-wrinkle treatment and also protects skin from drying out.

http://www.kartsa.ch/en/kart/produits-bio/our-products/organic-bdih-pure-vegetal-oils/organic-bdih-pure-vegetal-oils.phplogo-ABio.jpgINCI composition: Persea gratissima oil
Ingredients are 100% natural in origin and 100% organically-farmed
PAO = 6 months / Lifetime (expiration) = 2 years

Controlled manufacturing process. Features certified by Bureau Veritas Certification 92046 - Paris La Defense, according to the reference I-305
 available www.qualite-france.com


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