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Immune-enhancing massage oil
Immune-enhancing Massage Oil - Huiles & Sens - Massage and relaxation

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Immune-enhancing massage oil


Immune enhancing massage oil

Maintain your immunitary defenses to resist the agression of cold and dampness! The Immune enhancing massage oil contains 10 essential oils selected for their anti-infectious properties that are both preventive and curative. Indications are: cold, flu, ear, nose, throat and respiratory problems, general asthenia, infectious diseases. Suitable for adults and children.

Apply a few drops on the chest and upper back morning and evening. You can also pour a few drops of this oil in your bath.


Macadamia VO: a regulator of the lymphatic and circulatory system. It doesn't leave any sensation of greasyness (Seemacadamia vegetable oilto learn more)

Ravensara EO: used in cases of serious immuno deficiency, for all types of viral infections, and serious physical or nervous fatigue (Seeravensara essential oilto learn more)

Niaouli EO: immunostimulant, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungus, tonic (Seeniaouli essential oilto learn more)

Myrtle EO: immunostimulant, pulmonary and urinary antiseptic, antiviral (Seemyrtle essential oilto learn more)

Tea-tree EO: ear, nose, throat or brocho-pulmonary infections (SeeTea tree essential oilto learn more)

Eucalyptus radiata EO: flu prevention, loss of energy, chronic fatigue, bronchial congestion, rhinopharyngitis, sinusitis, acute earache, serious immuno deficiency (Seeeucalyptus radiata essential oilto learn more)

Eucalyptus globulus EO: prevention of the ear, nose and throat infections (Seeeucalyptus globulus essential oilto learn more)

Lavandin EO: anti-infectious and general antiseptic (Seelavandin essential oilto learn more)

Pine EO: pulmonary and urinary antiseptic, neuro-tonic (Seepine essential oilto learn more)

Rosemary EO: respiratory antiseptic, glandular system revitalizing (Seerosemary essential oilto learn more)

Oregano EO: antiseptic of the respiratory tracts (Seeoregano essential oilto learn more)

This massage oil is provided in a 50 roll-on glass bottles with spray pumps. Its components, the above vegetable and essential oils, are 100% pure and natural. They should not be used by children, pregnant or breastfeeding women, unless otherwise indicated. They should not be ingested.


  • Macadamia ternifolia seed oil*, Origanum compactum oil*, Eucalyptus globulus oil*, Eucalyptus radiata oil*, Melaleuca viridiflora leaf oil*, Cinnamomum camphora oil*, Melaleuca alternifolia leafoil*, Lavandula hybrida super oil*, Pinus sylvestris oil*, Rosmarinus officinalis leaf oil*, Myrtus communis oil*, Citral**, Coumarin**, Limonène**, Géraniol**, Linalol**
    *Ingrédients issus de l'Agriculture Biologique - **Constituants naturels des huiles essentielles

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