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Revitalizing andsmoothing
sustainable action
All parts of thebody doesnot age thesame way: the face,withthe eye areaand lips,is the areaof the body mostsensitiveand most exposed.After 40 years,facial skingradually losesits elasticity
and firmness, revealinglines and wrinkles.This is why itis important
to protectand nourish it.
Withextensive expertisein the knowledge ofthe epidermis,theteam
D.Planteslaboratoryhas developeda concentrated formulabasedfi bersofred
ofbaobab fruit: Serum3B®.An important advance inthe field oforganic skincareanti-aging.
3B®serumisarestructuring and hydratingserum,formulated from thefi bersredbaobab fruitwith antioxidanthighly concentratedinaspecific actiononskin aging.
Withits content ofessential fatty acids, vitaminsA andE
(*sesameoilsandapricot)andwith waterfl*oralpink,
3B® repairsandserumraffermitthe epidermis.He bringsa beautifulglow to the skin,gives it atightened.Serum3B®fills wrinkleswithassetsdermochlorellaandhyaluronic acid.
Suitable for allskin types.Not fat.

Directions of use

Apply morning
day ornight.Eye
and lips,face and neck.
Airless bottle15ml

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