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BodyGels and creams
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Ménocrem® Bio

Ménocrem® is ahelp for all womenarrived ata period oraneed for balanceis necessary

The formulaMénocrem®addresses theseimbalancesandbrings a natural response.Theherbal ingredientshave been selected for traditional use.They promoteharmonyand well-being of thefeminine balanceduring this period.

Ménocrem®also containsevening primroseand borage
and especially twoessential oils:cypress (Cupressussempervirens) and sage(Salviaofficinalis)recognizedfor their beneficial

Not fat.

Directions for use:
apply1 or 2hazelnutcream, 2times a day
onaclean, dry skin

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  • Specialized shops
  • Pharmacies and parapharmacies
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