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Anti-agingmaskbaobabred fibers
Red Fibersfrom theBaobab fruit

Anti-wrinkle treatment.Purifies,moisturizes andraffermit
Thisanti-agingmaskconcentratespowerful antioxidant propertiesoffi breredbaobab fruitand vitaminEnatural.Withbeeswax,oil*, apricot kernelandaloe vera gel,it protects,moisturizes and nourishesdull andtired.
The white clayis involved indetoxifyingthe skingiving it asoftand refined.
Pleasureand relaxationposes,this masktosmooth textureleaves skinsoft and soothed.Wrinklesare smoothedandrevitalizedskin,findsits tone.
The complexionis clearer.A true allyanti-wrinkle and anti-aging.

Directions for use:
apply agenerous layerover face andneck
thoroughly cleaned.Let stand 10 to15 minutes
aboutthen rinsewith lukewarm water.1 to 2 timesper week.
Suitable for allskin types.
Airless bottle50ml

*The surface layersof the epidermis.

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