Organic baobab seeds oil - d.plantes
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Organic baobab seeds oil
ORGANIC BAOBAB SEEDS OIL - d.plantes  - Body

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Organic baobab seeds oil

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ORGANIC BAOBAB SEEDS OIL      Andsoniadigitata

100% vegetable,pureorganic.Rare and precious oil.
Repairs,protects, nourishes,beautifies.
Makes skinsmoother and morestructured.
Thebaobabseed oilis rich insterols(lipidsnaturally containedin plants)and vitaminEnatural.It participatesin maintainingthe elasticityand flexibilityof the skin,byits powerfulantioxidant action.
Itis recommendedfor preventingstretch marksandto makeits elasticitytothe skin,and inall situations wheretheskin needsnourishing carefor faceand body.
Emollientand regeneratingoilthateasily penetratesthe skinthatprotectsand softens.It also givesshine tothe hair.

Directions for use:
appliedfocusingon dry areasof the body.
Gently massage tomakegood
Also suitableto the hair.

Airless bottle30ml

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  • Distance Selling
  • Pharmacies and parapharmacies
  • Specialized shops

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