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Tube 100 ml

  Comfort Foot Cream

Dry heels, cracked and yellowish, crevasses.

Callus at the heels, hardening of the toes, rough skin.

Tired feet, sensitive, swollen and painful sensation of heat,

Perspiration and odors,

This massage cream is a real repair treatment that soothes and relaxes the feet, even the driest and most damaged.

  Extracts of orange blossom and mint grant him a pleasant cooling sensation that reduce the sensation of heat, perspiration and odors.

  Other organic ingredients (ET lavender grosso, rosemary, thyme ...) have a relaxing and stimulating properties that relieve sensitive feet.

It prevents and reduces the formation of callus with a high content of elements such as moisturizing apricot kernel oil, natural glycerin and aloe vera. This cream will leave you an incredible feeling of freshness and a pleasant fragrance. In addition, it is easily absorbed and does not stick.

  Used daily, it is equally suitable for active people (hikers, recreational sports ...) than less mobile seniors.

  Drought is not foot qu'inesthétique, it may cause the locations of pressure, itching and painful irritation. Therefore do not let your feet as well. Regular maintenance is required. See if this persists.


* Moisturizes the upper layers of the epidermis.

  Directions for use

Apply on the feet clean and dry, massage it extended below the ankles, and between the toes.

Massage daily or occasional use

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