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Soap Mauvais garçon
Soap Mauvais garçon - Clean Hugs - Hygiene

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Clean Hugs  /  T LIFE

Soap Mauvais garçon

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Cinnamon & cloves

Essential oils of palmarosa, petitgrain and cinnamon are combined for an intense blend with antifungal, healing and rejuvenating properties. With a naturally chic and spicy scent there's no need to choose between an athlete's life and a nightlife.

You train, we care.

Essential oils: Palmarosa, Cinnamon leaves, Cinnamon bark, Petitgrain Bigaradier

Vegetable oils: Olive, coconut, Rice Bran, Castor Oil

Allergens naturally present in essential oils: Cinnamal, eugenol, geraniol, limonene, linalool

Weight: 100gr

Distribution network:

  • Specialized shops
  • Beauty shops and Spas
  • Pharmacies and parapharmacies
  • Distance Selling
  • Large distribution
  • Health professionals
  • Hair salons
  • Hotels
  • Perfumeries
  • Home sale

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