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Body Care Hair care
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Pure and natural organic vegetable oil of Castor.

Castor oil is made up of fatty acid minerals that are essential for skin and hair growth. Its use is ideal in cosmetics, given its richness in fatty acids and vitamin E which are excellent for strengthening hair, body hair and eyelashes. For hair Castor Oil for hair provides suppleness and deep hydration. It also brings shine to the entire treated area. This is the ideal solution for maintaining your beard as well as your hair on a daily basis. Its application also eliminates itching due to dandruff or any chemical attack. Men are more and more interested in their appearance and beards are all the rage these days. We have therefore thought to please you gentlemen who have problems with the growth or quality of your beard. For BEARDS Men who find it difficult to grow their beard, or who wish it to be busier and / or softer, can use beard castor oil. This will allow them to have a silkier, shinier and sexier beard! Castor oil provides you with protective and nourishing properties. For CILS The eyelash area being a delicate and fragile area, you need organic castor oil to take care of it. It will treat both your eyelashes and deeply hydrate them. It will strengthen and soften them. The result is: brighter, darker lashes and a flirtatious look.


Huile végétale biologique pure et naturelle. 100 % du total des ingrédients sont issus de l'Agriculture Biologique. 100% du total des ingrédients sont d'origine naturelle.

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