Organic slimming spray citrus - Armencelle
Armencelle  /  SODICOS GROUP
Organic slimming spray citrus
Organic slimming spray citrus - Armencelle - Body

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Armencelle  /  SODICOS GROUP

Organic slimming spray citrus

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Reshaping, cellulite, anti cellulite. Hunting orange peel

This spray thinning is very pleasant to use and slightly chilled. Within a single product, the comprehensive formula of this spray can combine several simultaneous actions thinness:

Anti-cellulite, anti-cellulite, removing fat and firming action in the epidermis. Note citrus, lime and grapefruit. Leaves skin soft with a pleasant sensation of freshness.

Bottle with pump spray 200 ml

The main assets for a triple action:

Strengthen the skin envelope

♦ The seaweed extract Sphacelaria Scoparia (brown algae known as "broom Sea") operates at two levels: inhibits adipocyte differentiation process to reduce the number of mature adipocytes (originally orange peel) and even the storage of fatty acids in the hypodermis, and activating the synthesis of collagen fibers to strengthen the skin envelope.

Stimulate the elimination of fats

♦ The Laminaria digitata seaweed extract (brown seaweed known as "whip witches") stimulates the elimination of fat (lipolysis) contained in the adipocytes.

Prevent fat storage and water retention

♦ The ginger extract and essential oils of grapefruit and lime invigorate and revitalize the skin to complete the firming of the spray.

Bottle with pump spray 200 ml

Beauty Secrets

Apply morning and evening slimming spray on the treatment area and rub vigorously until total penetration of the cream into the skin. To optimize the drainage of cellulitis, always enter the product from bottom to top. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. External use. Do not wait to dress, its smooth texture leaves the skin dry and soft.

Extracts of organic ginger, seaweed, essential oils of Grapefruit and Lime bio bio.

99.2% of the total ingredients are of natural origin

12.5% of the total ingredients come from Organic Agriculture

100% vegetable ingredients come from Organic Agriculture

Whithout Paraben,

Without PEG

No dyes or perfume synth

Not tested on animals

Ecological and Organic Cosmetic certified by Ecocert Greenlife
according to the reference ECOCERT available at http / /
Cosmetics certified COSMEBIO

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