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Aleppo soap
Mask Body Cleanser Soap
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Aleppo soap

Mask Body Cleanser Soap
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It is in the city of Aleppo in Syria, that the Aleppo soap was born 3 500 years ago, made of local products. It was the Crusaders who brought back the Aleppo soap to the West during the Middle Ages. Aleppo soap is the ancestor of the Marseille soap and all today’s solid soaps.

All Alepia Tradition Aleppo soaps have a low cooking time and maturing (9 months), making them very special. The quantity of laurel oil corresponds to the percentage of the total oils.

This Tradition soap is destined to the daily cleansing of the family. It can also be used as a facial mask for a healthy and glowing skin. This soap exists in 3 versions: natural, organic and conventional.

Its softness is suitable for normal and sensitive skins


Sodium Olivate, Aqua (Water), Sodium Laurus Nobilate, Sodium Hydroxide

Distribution network:

  • Specialized shops
  • Pharmacies and parapharmacies
  • Large distribution

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