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Les Sens des Fleurs


Once upon a time ...

We keep, our beginnings in 1996, the fond memories of our fierce determination to defend the organic cosmetics.

This has almost become obvious today, was not 15 years ago!

Devoted exclusively to consumers in stores 'Bio', our reputation has grown steadily.

Our ethics and beliefs have remained intact and allow us to extend our expertise and our range The Meaning of Flowers to you all.

Nothing is more pleasant than to offer our organic cosmetics, but not only its texture or its innovative ingredients, it was his essence that delights us. 

"Beauty is more than just never just a body shape or attractive to a perfect face, it is the result of the ineffable harmony of body, mind and spirit.

For every woman there is a unique alchemy that can be found in the same way in another.

The mystery, sensuality, sweetness, delicacy, kindness, the power of love, tenderness and other qualities of mind that accompany the features and the natural contours of the face and body, are all indicative of grace Women and natural beauty.

Socrates said: "That gave me the beauty of the soul and the interior and exterior do not become one". With the range The Meaning of Flowers, I wanted the magic of the action of the Bach Flower Emotional married to the virtues of organic cosmetics, allow each of you everyday to find that personal harmony and realize how well you're beautiful! "

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