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Laboratoire Mint-e

Laboratoire Mint-e


Our laboratory develops cosmetics of care and food complements natural 100 % (fully qualified teachers ECOCERT, stemming from the Organic farming: Logo AB, and Charter COSMEBIO)
These natural products will act in a effective way to improve your well-being
. Z-Gel is an all-purpose soothing topical gel made from a synergistic blend of organic plant extracts, energized colloidal silica and organic flower essences. 99.87% of the ingredients are of natural origin of which 77.47% of the ingredients are produced by organic farming, certified by ECOCERT Greenlife Foremost in innovation; the ingredients in Z-Gel have been especially chosen to assist on three levels - emotional, physical and vibrational. Soothing and restoring, Z-Gel is the ultimate natural all-purpose soothing gel for those of us committed to using natural skin care products.

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