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Jardins de Lune


Jardins de Lune  is a leading French brands of premium natural cosmetics, natural and organic founded in 2001 by a plastic surgeon and a pharmacist passionate about organic cosmetics.
The team has been strengthened by Laboratories PHYSIO-CONCEPT EXOPHARM and specialized in the design and manufacture of organic and  ecologic products for health food stores, drugstores and pharmacies and directed by François-Xavier SCHATZ, pharmacist, fascinated by organic products. 

Jardins de Lune’s products were born a full moon. Yet they contain no mystery, nothing but ingredients that follow the rhythms of nature and all draw their benefits from it.
Scientific research proves indeed that the phases of the moon affect the growth of certain plants and flowers such as the Edelweiss Swiss Alps that we selected.

Chance has no place in product development Jardins de Lune.
The creation of each product is a long and serious scientific monitoring.
"Antioxidant, anti-free radicals, oxidative stress and its solutions, aging skin care, are the main axes of reflection.
Each formula has been built around the active ingredients selected for their high quality dermo-cosmetics and organic.

Recognizing that the complex ecosystem of our planet took millions of years to build and that humanity has only 150 years to destroy it, Jardins de Lune has entered "sustainable development" in its charter since its creation.
It has not become "ecological and organic" as a fashion, it has been since its inception and since its earliest formulations.


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