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  • French company started 40 years ago from the emergence of organic agriculture in France, Laboratoire GRAVIER has specialized in manufacturing ecological and organic products since its origin. A pioneer company, it offers various ranges of cosmetics, essential oils, soaps and cleaning products, all certified by the different specifications for organic cosmetic and eco-products. A major and historical player in the organic market in France and in Europe, Laboratoire GRAVIER either directly by the cultivation of organic plants, or via framework agreements, more and more controls the supply of its plants and its organic produces from the source.
  • The ranges of products of Laboratoire GRAVIER are manufactured with no synthetic perfumes, colouring, conventional synthetic preservatives, GMO, or elements of the petrochemical industry like paraffin, silicone or PEG. They are not tested on animals, in compliance with the cruelty-free charter established by One Voice and which the laboratory supports as a pioneer in France.
  • For Laboratoire GRAVIER, organic is not only an opportunity but a philosophy and ethics that can not be separated from the overall approach of the company. Whether in cosmetic products or household cleaning products, the plant part originates from organic cultivation, which is unique.
  • For all cosmetics or household, the produces are organic. To push this objective as much to the forefront as possible, a new factory of 3700 square meters has been built with all the latest energy-saving and eco-building techniques with the ultimate aim being to have a High Environmental Quality building with positive energy; which bring the total surface area of production and storage to 5700 m².
  • What others define as an achievement is for Laboratoire GRAVIER the company’s strategy itself. The commitment of our companies today will make the world of tomorrow for our children.

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