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The Biofloral labotaries lie in the hearth of the Velay mountains at the south east tip French region of Auvergne, where the air is clean and the soil unpolluted. Their production is entirely devoted to phyto-therapeutic remedies and, after 20 years of passionate research, they have developed a range of elixirs labelled ELIXIRIUM VITAE.

The 38 Floral Elixirs of Dr Bach with an initial dilution of 1/240

8 combinations of the Flower Elixirs Spray

Rescue remedy, quickly drops, spray, sweets and cream

4 Elixirs with the plants of 4 seasons

The first true Swedish Elixir Bio

Auvergne Elixir Bio with 32 wild moutain plants

ortie-silice Bio, the first organic silicon in drinking solution and body gel

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